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3rd~5th floor

【Station Hostel】

Each room at Station Hostel is named after train stations in 11 areas of Osaka.
In each room, there are photos that convey the charm of the recommended spots in that area.
By staying at the Station Hostel, you can get information about the area from the knowledgeable staff.

Room Names include:

  • 3F Sakai Station (堺)
  • 3F Tennouji Station (天王寺)
  • 3F Namba Station (難波)
  • 3F Shinsaibashi Station (心斎橋)
  • 4F Osaka ko Station (大阪港)
  • 4F Tsuruhashi Station (鶴橋)
  • 4F Tenma Station (天満)
  • 4F Umeda Station (梅田)
  • 5F Minoo Station (箕面)
  • 5F Osaka jo koen Station (大阪城公園)
  • 5F Banpaku kinen koen Station (万博記念公園)

There are shared toilets and showers on each floor, the 3rd floor has women-only rooms and the 4th floor has men-only rooms, so women can use it with peace of mind.
The staff regularly clean the areas to keep it clean.
The room can be entered and exited only with a card issued only to members, and safety is also taken into consideration.

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